How Google +Post Ads Are Revolutionizing Digital Advertising


Have you heard about Google +Post ads yet? If you haven’t, you had better pay attention, because this is about to get really interesting. Forget about online advertising as you know it, +Post ads are changing that and they are now available to everyone.

What is a +Post Ad?

A +Post ad is a Google+ post transformed into a display ad that can run across the millions of sites that make up the Google Display Network. Transforming it is easy and clicks away from connecting to an audience beyond Google+. +Post ads were first tested in December 2013 with select partners. They allow you as a brand to take a piece of your Google+ content, be it a photo, video or Hangout and promote it out there to an extended audience. The post appears on a website but with all the functionality of a Google+ post. Visitors to the site can follow your account, comment , reshare or +1 it right there, bringing social engagement into the web! Users can also RVSP to a Hangout, or watch it live as they go about surfing the web.

Google +Post adsIn a nutshell, the whole world wide web becomes your social stream. See it in action on this video.

Are you eligible?

Yes, if you meet the following conditions:

  1. Your Google+ page has at least 1,000 followers. – If you actually serious about Google+, you can meet this target. If you don’t have this yet, now is the time to ramp up and devise strategies.
  2. Your post should contain content that’s relevant to your audience. 
  3. You have opted in to shared endorsements for Google+ pages. – This is turned on in your page settings.

How to do it

You can convert any of your Google+ posts to +Post ads. This includes any YouTube video you share on Google+. Hangouts on Air can also be promoted with +Post ads. High resolution visuals (including GIFs) are recommended for maximum effect. +Post ads are not a preserve of the big brands. No. Anyone with a page and followers can do it. It is also recommended that you preview your ad from AdWords before posting it.

For a step to step explanation, visit Google AdWords Help Centre.

How +Post Ads have helped brands

+Post ads were first tested out with a few brands before last week and this is what happened, according to Google AdWords blog.

Toyota USA: 50% higher engagement rate than the industry average for the “2014 Corolla with their Collaborator” Hangout app in January.

The European Parliament with Ogilvy Brussels: “Found the combination of an easy to create ad, the potential reach and targeting of the Google Display Network, and the powerful ad format promising and saw engagement rates that were 50% to 100% higher, and at a lower cost-per-engagement, than previous campaigns.”

ASOS  and Nike hosted the first shoppable Hangout to celebrate 27 years of the Air Max trainer. The Hangout was promoted live in a +Post ad, driving awareness and live tune-ins of the event on relevant web sites. A good 71% of live viewers for the Hangout watched from a +Post ad.

Cadbury UK was also part of the test-run among others.

The Revolution

Google +Post ads are bringing together the social networking capabilities of Google+ and the reach on the Google Display Network to allow advertisers to better engage while the customers see what other customers think too. It’s also been found that social comments on search ads help increase click through rates.

You only pay if there is engagement.

Do you think Google’s +Post ads are something your company would try out? If you believe in building a community around your brand, then +Post ads are what you have been looking for.

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